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"Building God's Kingdom, one kid at a time!" 
~Kingdom Kids Christian Academy

Parallel Lines


At Kingdom Kids, your preschool child will encounter Bible stories, music, art, dramatic play, reading readiness, fine and gross motor activities, guest presentations, cognitive learning skills, and field trips. In elementary, students will build upon that skill set and receive courses in reading, social studies, writing, spelling, poetry, grammar, history, mathematics, and science. 

Parallel Lines


The Abeka curriculum is used at Kingdom Kids. We find that the spiral approach to teaching allows students to become the most successful. We love how the program combines both a rigorous education for our students along with Biblical foundations and content. 

Parallel Lines

Class Structure 

Our classes range in size from 8-10 students per preschool classroom, to 8 students per elementary room. We strive to provide students with an exceptional learning experience, and we find that our small class sizes allow students to achieve the optimal learning environment. 

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